Make A One-off Donation

Make A One-off Donation

Every gift, small or large, makes a difference! The following are exemplar of what your one-off gift can make possible:

· €10 - The price of one sugar glass bottle as used in the fight scene in Tom Murphy’s A Whistle in the Dark.

· €25 - Paid for a batch of false eggs as used in the dinner scene in Eugene McCabe’s King of the Castle.

· €55 - Pays for a submitted playscript to be read and an internal review written up.

· €100 - Purchased vintage shoe making tools for the singing cobblers in The Cavalcaders.

· €250 - The cost to acquire Donal Davoren's typewriter in The Shadow of a Gunman.

· €1,500 - The cost of 50kg of nails used to create the unique tree in our production of Waiting for Godot.

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